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Built in Wardrobes ... and us!

The information contained within this site comes from a small band of bedroom designers - with approximately 70 years combined experience of built in wardrobe design.

This experience has been gained from previous employments with major built in wardrobe suppliers past and present - including Christies, Sharps, Hammonds, Magnet, Wallspan, H Plan, and a number of smaller bespoke fitted wardrobe manufacturers.

Our chief contributor, Peter Earthy [earthy design] has provided practical and appealing solutions to thousands of clients buying built in wardrobes during the past 15 years.

His knowledge of built in wardrobes, and fitted bedroom design, is backed up with tips and advice from the following friends and former colleagues - Richard Wilson, Susan Clarke, Miles Etherington, and Lewis Bernard.

We are always looking for helpful advice to include in these pages, so please feel free to contribute any information relating to built in wardrobes.



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