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Wardrobe Interiors

You've sorted out which type of furniture is best for you - now you need to determine how much storage space you need.

Tip - define what you need to store, then design your wardrobe interiors ... before starting with any fitted bedroom design

Fitted Wardrobes provide you with the opportunity of re-vamping the way you store your clothes - and dramatically reduce the "wasted space" you have in your wardrobes now. The best wardrobe interior designs make use of all available space.

In other words ... you don't need twice the number of wardrobes you have now to achieve twice the amount of "usable" storage. (it would be unlikely that you could fit twice the number of wardrobes in your bedroom anyway).

Tip - remember ... it's not how many you have - but what you do inside them that counts

Let's start with a couple of common misconceptions:

Woman have more clothes than men ... Not generally so! - What women have is more clothes that "hang up" than men - therefore it does not necessarily mean that women need more wardrobes than men, but generally more hanging space than men.
You can't have enough drawers ... Oh yes you can! - If your wardrobe interiors plan includes more than two sets of drawers you have probably wasted valuable wardrobe space ... you only need drawers for underwear.

Now lets get on with sorting out what you have now ... divide up your items into the categories shown below:

  1. Clothes that require a "long" (greater than 1000mmm drop) hanging space ... coats, dresses, long skirts, etc.
  2. Clothes that require a "short" (less than 1000mm drop) hanging space ... jackets, trousers, shirts, blouses, skirts, etc.
  3. Clothes that are better stored "folded" ... jumpers, sweatshirts, etc.
  4. Clothes that are best stored in "drawers" ... underwear, socks, tights, handkerchiefs, etc.
  5. Miscellaneous Items to store on "racks" ... belts, ties, shoes, etc.
  6. Non clothes items to sit on "shelves" ... hats, books, photo albums, family papers, etc.

Measure the lengths of rails required for each option and note these details down somewhere - they will provide the foundation of your wardrobe interiors.


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