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Measure Bedroom

OK ... measure bedroom ... yawn!

We know this is the boring bit - but this is important.

The terms and conditions of DIY Fitted Bedroom suppliers reveal it's your responsibility that the new bedroom furniture fits! ... In other words don't go back to them for refunds if you haven't measured your bedroom properly.

You may well say ... that's fair enough, but this still applies when they send one of their own trained designers to your home to measure your bedroom for you.

Tip ! Although your new fitted wardrobes are likely to be built perfectly square and plumb, your walls will not be ... so don't assume the wardrobes will fit.

Our bedroom measuring guide will help you avoid the pitfalls that even trained designers fail to see.

Measure Bedroom step 1.
measure bedroomDraw up a simple outline off the room (this doesn't have to be to scale - it's only a sketch to make notes on!)

Now ... we want you to hold this important thought in your head whilst measuring!
Imagine your room is a big empty box, and your new wardrobes are smaller empty boxes.
The idea being that you are going to fit these smaller boxes into the bigger one - child's play eh!.
The only problem is the smaller boxes are going to be perfectly square, and stand perfectly upright and your bigger box (the room) is anything but perfectly square and upright ... but don't despair.

Measure Bedroom step 2. measure bedroom

Mark on to your sketch the position of any obstacles to your design, such as:

Doors, Light Switches, Windows, Radiators, Chimney Breast, Sloping Ceilings, Picture Rails etc.




Measure Bedroom step 3. measure bedroom

Then give the walls a number.







Measure Bedroom step 4.
measure bedroomStart with Wall 1.

Measure the total width of the wall in three places. i.e.. At floor level, at ceiling level, and mid level.
Note the three measurements (which will all be slightly different)

Note on your sketch that Wall 1 width is ... the smallest measurement of the three.
Now repeat with Walls 2,3, and 4 by measuring the total widths (ignoring obstructions at this stage) in the same three places ... and then use the smallest measurements again in each case.

Note the three remaining measurements on your plan.

Measure Bedroom step 5.
measure bedroomNow go back to wall 1.

Measure from floor to ceiling in three different places, i.e. in each corner and then the middle of the wall.

Note the three measurements (which will all be slightly different).
Note on your sketch the smallest measurement of the three.

Now repeat with Walls 2,3, and 4 by measuring the heights in the same three places (noting the smallest of the three measurements in each case) ... and then use the smallest measurement of all - which indicates the lowest area of the ceiling.

Measure Bedroom step 6.
measure bedroomNow on each wall.

Measure the widths and heights of any obstruction and note the measurements on your plan.

Note the projection of any obstruction from the wall (radiator, curtain track, dado rail etc.) and mark it on your plan.

Don't forget to mark the position of Electrical Power Points, Telephone Jack Points, Security Alarm Panic Buttons, and Wall Mounted Lights.

Measure Bedroom step 7. measure bedroom
Your final room plan.

This is how sketch plan should look - it now contains all the information you need to design your layout.

You can now be confident that as long as the measurements of your new furniture are within any of the measurements indicated on your plan .. the design will fit.


The only measurements you don't have yet is the size of your bed.

Please use these measurements for each bed size:

These measurements are greater than the size of the bed - and are designed to allow for the overhang of bed covers

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