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Problems - what problems?

Unfortunately there are few square simple rooms to design out there, very few have no obstacles and obstructions to overcome ... here are some of the common one's

Fitted Wardrobe plan


The two most common obstacles to your new bedroom design are:

A chimney breast

Your curtain pole /track




Fitted Wardrobe plan

The Chimney Breast ... A lot of bedrooms have a chimney breast on the outside wall - this is generally the longest wall in the room, ideal for fitting runs of wardrobes.

There is no particular way of planning around the chimney breast - you either plan robes or lowline to fit into the alcoves, or run wardrobe's right across the front of it.

However, look how much sense it makes to use Front Frame constructed wardrobes in this situation - just imagine how much work would be involved in cutting and shaping the backs and sides of carcase robes.


Fitted Wardrobe plan

The Curtain Pole ... It is quite common for there not to be enough depth next to a window to fit a wardrobe.

This problem can be easily overcome with the placement of a " recessed filler ".

This allows the wardrobe to be placed close to the window - but with space down the side for the curtains to draw into.

The curtains, when drawn back, still extend further than the wardrobe - so the wardrobe does not appear to be standing proud of the window


Other problem area's can be:

Sloping Ceilings ... Are a problem that requires special attention.

We suggest that this is one area you seek the help of a specialist Fitted Bedroom Company - as the placement and manufacture of wardrobes with sloped doors is a highly skilled job

Radiators ... are not the problem most people perceive them to be.

Please do not be tempted to build furniture either over or around the radiator - as the furniture is likely to be constructed using glue's and resins, which can be seriously damaged by the heat of the radiator.

Our simple advice is that if the position of a radiator prevents you from having the bedroom design you want - move the radiator, or have someone do it for you.

Electrical Sockets ... are best moved if in the way of your furniture (although they are generally unaffected if you use Front Frame furniture).

If moving sockets remember:
Position two doubles behind the bed - not behind the bedside cabinets that are now going to be fitted back against the wall

Position a double socket above the top of a dressing table - not into the knee hole space underneath, where it will be difficult to plug in your hairdryer

Its not a bad idea to position a socket just inside the door - to plug your vacuum into

Loft Hatches ... Remember to check that any "over bed layout" design is not going to interfere with any loft hatch.

Ceiling Lights ... It is often overlooked that any hanging pendant type ceiling light might interfere with the opening of bridging cupboard doors.



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