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Corner Wardrobes ... they drive you round the bend - those pesky corners

There are 3 basic ways of planning your bedroom furniture around corners as follows:

L shaped corner - corner wardrobes The "L" shape corner wardrobe.

The standard way of placing wardrobes around a corner, supplied as a double carcase with a single door (either left or right hand), and a corner post to butt up against the return robe.

There is normally a void at the end of the robe to allow for easy placement into a "non square" corner.

Best utilised for hanging long clothes because access into the corner wardrobe is slightly restricted, and as long clothes are used least ... slide them up into the corner.
Note! Frame constructed "L" shaped corner wardrobes can be "open right through" to allow easier access.

45 degree - corner wardrobesThe 45 degree corner wardrobe.

A softer looking way to deal with a corner, but it only looks good with standard robes each side of the corner wardrobe, and takes up a lot of space.

This method produces an extremely deep robe with a massive shelf above. (Again, best utilised for hanging long clothes).

Both frame and carcase construction will require side panels to give the structure rigidity, so an "open right through" corner is not viable.

Note! Looks great with a full length mirror door that can be seen from all angles.

stable door - corner wardrobesThe stable wardrobe.

Supplied with one long door and one short door with blanking panel, allowing the positioning of low furniture against the panel.

The short "stable" door then opens over the low furniture below.

This means you can make better use of space as it is not necessary to leave space for both doors to open.

Normally used for hanging long clothes, as they drop into the area behind the blank panel.


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