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Step 8 ... How much are Built In Wardrobes likely to cost?

Worried about the likely cost of buying built in wardrobes - you will be pleased to learn that they are really quite affordable.

If you compare the cost (about £700) of good quality free standing wardrobes with the cost and increased storage capacity of built in wardrobes there is no comparison.

As a rule of thumb a simple run of built in wardrobes will be your least expensive option and remember, you will fit as many clothes into 3 fitted wardrobes as you can into 5 freestanding wardrobes.

... Built In Wardrobes represent better value for money ...

We have provided below some costing's of more complicated designs (the range of prices reflects the bottom to the top end of the market)


Fitted Wardrobes

Standard Over Bed Layout:

£1856 - £6940

Average from Fitted Bedroom Specialist £2960






Fitted Wardrobes

Wardrobes / Lowline Drawers / Bridge Units

£2340 - £7230

Average from Fitted Bedroom Specialist £3240




Fitted Wardrobes

Child's Bedroom

£2554 - £7300

Average from Fitted Bedroom Specialist £3428




Ask your local fitted bedroom specialist to quote for Built In Wardrobes

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